Happy Valley Catch Up

Happy Valley Catch Up.

The hit BBC One Show starring Sarah Lancashire is one of the BBC's biggest hits of the year!
With its great writing and acting from a host of cast which include Sarah Lancashire and Steve Pemberton has had viewers hooked, but with a few complaining because of the violence, clearly stated before the 9pm watershed airing.

Picture - BBC

If you have missed an episode of Happy Valley and are looking for Catch Up episodes, you can head on over to the BBC One website and watch episodes using the IPlayer if you are in the UK.

Episode 4 of Happy Valley has just finished airing in the week May 19th, and with 2 more episodes to go, it's anyones guess how this gripping show will end.

Trivia - Filming locations for Happy Valley are spread over Calderdale, and include the towns Sowerby Bridge, Hebden Bridge and Halifax.

When is Coronation Street on?

When is Coronation Street on?

Coronation Street is now showing on ITV1, ITV1 HD Mondays, Thursdays and Fridays. The UK biggest TV show now has a steady schedule, with Thursday now being the new Wednesday when it comes to Corrie.

Mondays at 7.30 and 8.30 pm
Thursdays at 8.30pm
Fridays at 8.30pm

You never need to know when is Coronation Street on anymore, you have the full schedule above, and this will not change, until further notice at least. The reason Coronation Street get s moved around sometimes is because of Football and other live events such as the TV awards.

Coronation Street stuff.
Coronation Street: Tram Crash [DVD]
Coronation Street 50th Anniversary 1000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle

American Idol Live Broadcast

American IdolLooking for the American Idol Live Broadcast?

Did you know you can watch American Idol Live Online? If you head on over to the Fox website, you can watch full episodes and behind the scenes videos too.

American Idol 2011 is hotting up to be one the biggest seasons ever, and with new judges in the form of J Lo and Steven Tyler, it's good bye Simon Cowell, and hello to a whole new world of American Idol.

The American Idol Live Broadcast on the Fox website lets you watch previous Shows, so you never have to miss an episode again.

Watch his official video from American Idol 2011.

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Film 4 IPlayer

Logo of high-definition version; "Film4 H...Are you looking for the Film 4 IPlayer?
Did you know you can watch Film 4 online?

Not only can you watch Film 4 Online, but you can also watch brand new release films from the comfort of your own home. The Film 4 IPlayer as people like to call it, is a brand new service, and is online right now.
From old classic films, to brand new ones, everything is right there online.

You do not have to download anything, you just simply watch the films on line using the player. Renting movies from Film 4 is easy too. Brand new release movies are around £3.50, but prices do differ depending on the age and type of film.

The Film 4 IPlayer is changing the way you will watch films, and it's so easy to use.
You can find more information on the Film 4 IPlayer, here.
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Outcasts Catch Up IPlayer.

Have you missed an episode of the brand new BBC Sci Fi Drama, Outcasts?

Did you know you can watch Outcasts Catch Up episodes online using the IPlayer?

In case you miss an episode of Outcasts, you can watch it online for up to 30 days. This brand new show starring Hermione Norris, is about another planet on which a brand new world is being built.

Earth has had many problems in recent times, and a courageous group of pioneers have the chance to make a whole new start.

As with any drama, you can be sure that not everything goes smoothly.

Watch this short preview of Outcasts.

Outcasts is on BBC One and BBC One HD, Mondays at 9pm.

Silent Witness Catch Up.

Silent WitnessMissed an episode of Silent Witness?
Did you know that you can watch full episodes online using the IPlayer?
The latest series of Silent Witness is now on BBC One and HD.

The latest series stars Emelia Fox, and is a smash hit with fans. The original series starred Amanda Burton who is now in Waterloo Road.

You can also watch clips and previews of Silent Witness on You Tube. The BBC site has the full episodes, and right now you can watch them for up to 30 days.

Here's a clip of Silent Witness.
You can also buy DVDs of the series here - Silent Witness - Series 9 and 10 [DVD]

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History Channel IPlayer

History (Australian television channel)Do you love the History Channel?
Do you not like missing your favourite History TV shows?
Now you don't have to, as many of your favourite shows are now online. You can watch tme using the History Channel IPlayer as people like to call it.

Right now you can watch new episodes of-

Ancients Behaving Badly
The Universe
Heir Hunters

Not only these, but many more.
Not only can you watch all of these shows using the History Channel IPlayer. Their is no downloading to do, just simply head on over to the History Channel website and watch. You can also get previews of new shows, and the excellent "The Day in History" part of the site.
Remember you can watch many more History Channel Episodes too.

Here's a clip from Heir Hunters, one of the History Channels popular programmes.

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Strictly Line Up 2010.

This years Strictly Come Dancing, could be the best ever, judging by last nights opening show.

In this years Strictly, we have the likes of Paul Daniels, Gavin Henson and Tina O'Brien. That's not all though. Lets list the Strictly Line Up, 2010.

Anne Widdecombe
Felicity Kendal
Kara Tointon
Michelle Williams
Peter Shilton
Patsy Kensit
Matt Baker
Scott Maslen
Pamela Stephenson
Jimi Mistry

In case you missed it, here's a quick Strictly Come Dancing Catch Up clip from last nights show-