Ashes to Ashes - BBC Coming Soon

Have you been missing Life on Mars, waiting for it's return?
Well dont worry, Sam Tylers not coming back but his favourite DCI is, Gene Hunt (Philip Glenister) is returning to our screens in February 2008. Life on Mars was one of BBC Ones biggest shows, running for 2 series, and then ending while it was still excellent, the best way to end a show.
Ashes to Ashes, now sees Gene Hunt in 1981, now transferred to then Metropolitan Police in London. Gene is joined by Chris Skelton (Marshall Lancaster) and Ray Carling (Dean Andrews) from Life on Mars and also a new female detective from 2008, DI Alex Drake played by Keeley Hawes. Alex is stuck in 1981 after having an accident, and is known to have spent months in 2008 pouring over reports left by Sam Tyler from Life on Mars.

Ashes to Ashes, is sure to be a ratings winner for the BBC, but in a few interviews, Phillip Glenister has not shown over enthusiasm to play Gene for many years. Glenister first came to be a household name after the very popular and critically acclaimed show "Clocking Off"
The show also starred John Simm from Life on Mars, and also Dean Andrews who plays Ray.

Ashes to Ashes begins on BBC One February 7th 2008.

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