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Visit this Exclusive "The Bill" Catch Up site with Behind The Scenes Videos, Catch Up Clips and some Great DVD's and Books from the show! Click Here.

A new story coming up in The Bill this week is,"Proof of Life", a new 2 part story that gets the Germans involved. The story begins on November 12th at 8pm. Check out my new The Bill Catch Up site for some exclusive clips of this storyline.
The Bill is also celebrating 25 years of being one of ITV's best ever dramas.

The Bill, the long running, popular police drama on ITV1, is now available at ITV.Com if you miss an episode. You can catch up on all the drama, upcoming stories, behind the scenes and more.

Their is now an online interactive game now running and also you can win an Umbrella.
You can watch clips from old and new episodes now at ITV.Com.

The Bill which began in 1984 has been a permanebt fixture on the ITV schedules. The show has a very popular following at receives 8-10 million viewers per week. The show used to half hour episodes, but then grew into 1 hour and now is more of a police soap/drama.

Catch up with The Bill, Wednesdays and Fridays on ITV1.

Watch previews of the show on YouTube.