Hotel babylon - Coming Soon & Catch Up

Have you been waiting the past year for the new series of Hotel Babylon?
No need to worry, the wait is over, the new series begins on BBC One, 19th Feb 2008.
The show starring Max Beesley is back to make us laugh, cringe and see what really goes on behind the scenes of a top hotel, ok its only a drama but its cool.
Tamsin Outhwaite, left the show last year, so maybe we now Hotle Manager.
Hotel Babylon also stars, Dexter Fletcher, Emma Pierson and Natalie Mendoza.

You can watch clips from the show at the Official BBC One Website, you can also watch clips from series 3 of the show, and dont forget you can watch an episode for up to 7 days with the BBC Iplayer.

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Hotel Babylon - Series 1 [2006]

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If youve never seen Hotel Baylon, heres a clip -