Pushing Daisies - Coming Soon, Catch up & You Tube Video

Pushing Daisies, is the hot new ITV drama starring Anna Friel.
The show, which has been a massive hit in the US, is now coming to the UK.
The show has been called "One of the most stunning TV series ever made" and is sure to be a hit with viewers once it hits our screen in Feb 2008. Anna Friel, who is well known to UK viewers from the ex Channel 4 show Brookside, has been making a huge impression on US viewers with her beautiful good looks and on screen presence.

Series 2 of Pushing Daisies is currently showing on ITV1, Fridays at 10pm!

Official ITV1 Pushing Daisies episode one synopsis -

Little Ned is a young boy with a very special gift, he can bring people back to life with just one touch. It's a skill he learns when his dog Digby gets hit by a truck.
But the story gets complictaed when his beloved childhood sweetheart, Chuck heas been murdered. Ned, has been working for a private investigator, who wants Chuck brought back to life, just long enough to reveal the identity of the killer.

Read more about Pushing Daisies at the official ITV1 website, you can watch preview videos, catch ups, interviews and more.

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