Torchwood BBC - Catch Up

If you've been watching the new seconed series of Torchwood and missed an episode, dont worry, you can catch up with all the action with the BBC Iplayer.
You can watch an episode for up to 7 days, their are also many other shows available.

Torchwood if your not sure, is the hit BBC2 spin off from Doctor Who. This spin off is aimed at more of an adult audience, shown currently at 9pm, Wednesdays on BBC2, their is also a family edited edition the day after at 7pm. Torchwood was first shown on BBC Three in October 2006, and has now gained a strong fan base not just with Doctor Who fans, but also with a whole new audience.

Torchwood Stuff-

Torchwood : Complete BBC Series 1 Box Set [2006]

"Torchwood": Everyone Says Hello (Torchwood)

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