Gavin and Stacey Catch Up

Have you missed an episode of the hilarious BBC Three comedy show, Gavin and Stacey?
Dont worry, you can watch the show right now on the BBC Iplayer for up to 7 days.
Gavin and Stacey, starring Matthew Horne and Joanna Page is back on the BBC for a second series.
The show, which has started to get its fan base and has been nominted for numerous awards including BAFTA's, is now becoming one of BBC Three biggest comedy shows.

Gavin and Stacey Merchandise -

Gavin And Stacey : Complete BBC Series 1 [2007]

Gavin and Stacey on You Tube.
You can watch the show right now on You Tube, unlike the BBC Iplayer which requires a UK IP address, You Tube will let you watch the show and many others 24/7.
Visit You Tube Television to see what you could be watching, right now.

Hers's a clip from Series One of Gavin and Stacey.