ITV's Benidorm Catch Up

Have you missed an episode of the second series of ITV's Benidorm?
Dont worry, you can watch all the episodes right now usiong the official ITV website.
Benidorm, starring Johnny Vegas, Steve Pemberton and more, is now back on our screens for it's second series. If you missed any of the first series, you can watch it right now also at the ITV website.

Here's a clip from Benidorm-

You can buy the first series of Benidorm here-
Benidorm - Series 1

Benidorm is on ITV1, Fridays at 9pm, also remember you can watch the show on You Tube.
This week on the show (11-04), it's England V's Spain, in an arm wrestling match between the locals. Benidorm, set in the Solana Resort, is a hit amongst fans and critics, with each character having their own unique story and background, Johnny Vegas (The Oracle) trying to break away from his mum, and the newly married Gay couple, who are having their ups and downs.