Little Britain - Catch Up and You Tube Videos.

Missing Little Britain, the UK's funniest and most outrageous comedy show on the TV?
Here are some cool clips from the boys, Walliams and Lucas.

Matt Lucas who starred as George and Marjorie Daws on the game show Shooting Stars, has now become a worldwide success with David Waliams in the hugely popular comedy show Little Britain.
The show which now has tons of comedy characters inbedded in the UK's minds, The Only Gay in the Village and Lou and Andy, will be back on our screens on July 27th @ 9pm with a down under special.

Heres a clip of Little Britain-

Heres some cool Little Britain Merchandise-

Little Britain - Lou and Andy (double) 12" Talking Plush
Little Britain - Series 1 [2003]
Little Britain - Series 3 (2 Disc Set) [2003]