QI - Catch Up and You Tube Videos

Image from QI.com - Please visit their site for more info on the show
Have you missesd an episode of the funny and Quite Interesting show, QI?
Not to worry, you can watch the show right now on the BBC IPlayer, and also watch full episodes right now on You Tube. QI, hosted by the brilliant Stephen Fry, is currently 5 series in on the letter E, the show is scheduled to run to 26 series, the full alphabet A through to Z.
The show, which has regular panelists, Alan Davies and Rich Hall amongst it's regulars, is one of the best shows on BBC Two, and in my opinion should be on primetime BBC One.

Here's a video clip of the show from You Tube-

You can catch the show on BBC Two, fridays at 10pm.
The show is also on repeats on Digital Channel, Dave and Dave +1, check local listings for details.

Here's some cool QI stuff-
QI: The B Series
QI : Complete BBC Series 1 [2003]
QI: The Book of General Ignorance
QI: The Book of Animal Ignorance