America's Got Talent - Catch Up and You Tube Videos.

Have you missed an episode of the new series of America's Got Talent?
You can watch episodes of the new series of Simon Cowells talent show right now online.
America's Got Talent, is now one of the worlds most popular shows. Now filming worldwide, the show is bringing lots of new talents out. American Idol and the UK's X Factor are only for singing acts, America's Got Talent is the only show that you can entertain the public and hopefully get through if the judges, David Hasslehoff, Sharon Osbourne and Piers Morgan.

Here's a clip from this season.

This season will probably be the best yet. The public are now realising that anyone can get on the show, no matter what you do, from Magicians to Singers, from Dancers to Jugglers, you can get on national TV.

Watch the show on NBC in the US and on ITV2 in the UK. Check local listings for details.