Coronation Street Babes - Helen Flanagan

Coronation Street is the UK's number one TV show, so it's no surprise that it has some of the hottest girls on TV.

From the girls behind the bar, to the girls in the factory and more, Coronation Street sure does have some hot girls. Kym Ryder who joined the show last year, has gone up the ranks for TV's hotties. Helen Flanagan to Tina O'Brien and more, watch this slide show for some great pics of Corrie Hotties.

The most popular girl by internet rankings is Helen Flanagan who plays Rosie Webster.
This could be down to her story lines including her affair with teacher John when she was still at school, which saw her dad Kevin going to prison for s short Johns back on the cobbles...
Here's a couple of videos of her in action-

and another-

Oh ok just a few more-