Eastenders Games

If your looking for some great Eastenders Games then look no further.

Eastenders is one of the BBC's biggest shows receiving up to 20 million viewers during it's peak in the 1980's. Eastenders now has some great games which can be played online and offline. The BBC website has some great games like a monopoly based one using Albert Square as it's places and streets etc. You can play some games right now online as well as many more which i will list and give a quick review.

Offline Games
You can now get hold of Eastenders - The Board games right now. A very easy game to play based on Albert Square and the characters that are in the show. Grab your Eastenders board game right now. Eastenders -the board game & Soap & Reality TV Trivia Game.

Online Games
Online right now and ready to play are many Eastenders games, from Beale or no Beale to Death Map and even the great, Where's Wellard?

Eastenders - The Knowledge Video Quiz
A really cool interactive video quiz, currently has Wedding, In & Out, Fights and Romance themed quizzes. You can play yourself only, against the clock and even join an existing game that playing right now. Probably one of the best games online, with great classic pictures and questions you will try and rack your brain to remeber who did what and when. I really enjoyed the Peggy and Pat classic fight, brilliant.

Beale or no Beale is roughly based around the Channel 4 show Deal or no Deal. It's a fast guess who's the Beale game. 1 minute quick fire round of opening the red boxes, but don't hit the big money box!

Death Map is quite cool, with an overhead map of Walford with places of Death where some great Eastenders characters have kicked the bucket or been hit with the iron, so to speak.
Some great classic clips of Eastenders characters meeting their deaths and character pages are great to find out about your favourite cast members.

Where's Wellard Robbies dog Wellard who has just left the show has his own game, yes really....who thought Wellard would become so famous. This one is great for kids, with well it looks like Den's dog Rolly thrown in to confuse you. Can you get Wellard home?

Family Trees is exactly as it seems, a history of Eastenders characters going back quite a few years in time. It has the Beales, Branning', Watts and many more.

Ghosts of Walford is an excellent game. You have to help Stacey find out whats going on in Albert Square. The interaction is well awesome, you get to search around houses, rooms basically the whole square in search of...well that would be telling. If you like investigating mysteries, you will love this game, its really is cool. I wont tell you anymore, it will spil the game for you.

Queen Vic Pinball is exactly as it sounds, a classic Pinball game based around the Eastenders show. Storymaker is a game where you make up your own story and it runs on screen. A quick game to play and great for any Eastenders fan. You can create scenes, let them play out and send them to your friends. This is quite a simple but cool game, you can basically do as you wish, and it's fun to make a funny story and send it to your friends, no swearing though...it's not allowed.

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