Olympics 2008 Catch Up Olympic Opening Ceremony You Tube

If you have missed any of the Beijing Olympic Games you can watch it right now using the BBC IPlayer if your inside the UK. The IPlayer will let you watch any of the BBC's coverage for up to 7 days, but only if your in the UK. If you missed the opening ceremony, then here's a clip-

If your inside the US, you can watch highlights of the Beijing 2008 Olympics on You Tube, and also on NBC, who is posting daily clips and catch up's on their official Olympic Website.
The Beijing 2008 Olympic has had it's own fair share of criticism, not only political but now one American tourist has been killed and one injured when they were attacked outside the Olympic Stadium.

The Olympics 2008 are on from the 8th August until the 24th of August. Full coverage can be found on BBC One and also on the BBC IPlayer and BBCi. Check local listing for more details.
In the US, coverage of the games can be found on your local NBC station, Online and on You Tube.