Lost Catch Up Season 6 and Spoilers.

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Lost Catch Up.

The last and final season of Lost, has now begun. This is it, we are going to find out, what as been going on for the past 6 years. Lost Catch Up clips are available below.
Lost Season 6, started off, with Jack landing in LA, without the plane crashing. Later on, we also see, Locke, Kate, Sawyer, and the rest of the islanders, all landing in LA, and carrying on their lives, as if the plane never crashed.

We then see all of them waking up on The Island, all of them deaf, and remembering where they were. If you haven't yet watch the first episodes, i won't say anymore, but it get's super exciting.

We don't yet know, what these clips are, are they dream sequences? Or have the islanders split into 2 lives, one on the island, and one in LA? One thing we do know, is that Locke is not who we think he is, or who he was!

Watch this Lost Catch Up clip. Season 5.

Here is Lost Catch Up Season 6 - The Final Season. (Contains Spoilers for Season 6)