Mistresses Series 3.

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Mistresses Series 3. Coming Soon.

The BBC has commissioned a brand new series of Mistresses, this will be the third and final series, in the popular BBC One drama. Mistresses stars, Sarah Parish, Orla Brady, Shelby Conn and Sharon Small. The last series of Mistresses was shown in March last year.

Mistresses, follows the lives of four Bristol Based women, who seem to have complex and illicit relationships, with men and women. The BBC has confirmed that Series 3, will be the last, and that the ending will be "Dramatic".

It has also been reported, that the final series will be shown over a week, with one episode every night, like Torchwood did, in early 2009.
Mistresses series 3, will been shown in early 2010, but no air date has yet been released.

In case you missed the first 2 series of Mistresses, you can get them now on DVD.

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