Bionic Woman ITV2 Coming Soon

Coming Soon to ITV2 is Bionic Woman starring ex Eastenders star, Michelle Ryan. Michelle who played the character Zoe Slater in the show, has now swapped Walford for Los Angeles.
The Bionic Woman has already aired in the US, but has now stopped filming because of the writers strike. The show is scheduled to air in January in the UK, with ITV.Com only saying Coming Soon.
If you miss the first episode of Bionic Woman, you can watch the full show on the ITV website.

Show Synopsis.
Jaime Sommers is in a dead end job and struggling to care for her younger sister.
After a car accident Jaime is fighting for her life until, her boyfriend operates and gives her Bionic limbs and eyesight allowing her to jump from building to building and more.
But the operation comes at a price.

Watch Bionic Woman January 2008 on ITV2.

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