HollyOaks Catch Up

HollyOaks, the hot Channel 4 show is now more popular than ever. Currently undergoing a
revamp, and with a massive advertising campaign on all channels, HollyOaks is the hot soap of the moment. If you need a daily fix of the show, you can get some red hot spoilers at Channel4.com. This month Hollyoaks Catch Up has brand new clips of the Flash Forward episodes, watch them below.
You can also watch behind the scenes clips with the cast and crew, and read all the latest news and cast interviews.

Hollyoaks Catch Up, Flash Forward -

HollyOaks on Channel 4 weekdays 6.30pm - Also on Channel 4 +1.

HollyOaks Merchandise-

Hollyoaks - Indecent Behaviour [2001]

Official "Hollyoaks" Babes A3 Calendar 2008

Official "Hollyoaks" Hunks A3 Calendar 2008

Hollyoaks - Music from the Show

HollyOaks was created by Phil Redmond, the man behind the now debunked Brookside.
Brookside was one of Channel 4's most controversial shows, always breaking new ground with hard hitting story lines. HollyOaks is also hard hitting drama, but being pre-watershed, the show can only go so far.
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