Bargain Hunt - Catch Up

Bargain Hunt, the hugely popular antiques originally hosted by David Dickinson, now in charge is Tim Wonnacott. The show is one BBC Ones most popular afternoon shows, a few years ago it was in a primetime evening slot, which lasted a few years and then The Duke left for ITV's show Dickinsons Real Deal. If you ever miss a show of Bargain Hunt, you can watch the episodes on the BBC Iplayer for up to 1 week.
If you fancy a shot on the show, you can enter here at the official BBC One site.
Bargain Hunt is on BBC One Weekdays

Grab some cool Bargian Hunt stuff-

Bargain Hunt
The Game - Play the TV Show at home
Family based board game

David Dickinson's Antique Chase
Another Antiques Game, play along with The Duke
Family based board game