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If you've been waiting ages to see the 4th series of Lost, wait no more, it starts on the 3rd feb 2008. Lost, the hit American lets call it "strange and intriguing" show is now more popular than ever. The first show was a huge hit in America when it first hit the screens, and then in the UK it was a massive hit, and continues to be, for so many reasons. Lost, is one of the most interesting shows to come from the minds of the creators of the hit movie "Cloverfield" which is now a huge hit in cinemas worldwide.
The secret behind the show is that no one except the writers knows whats going on, and im sure we will only find out the truth when the show comes to an end.

Lost began in 2004 (US) and reached the UK in 2005. The show was an instant hit with viewers and also critics, who hailed the show as, "a masterpiece of television". The show has gone from strength to strength, with a few fans saying the show slowed down in series 3, but is now back on form in series 4. The show is now giving out more and more secrets everytime you watch an episode, right now in series 4 we realise or we think so, that some people get to leave the island, this is shown in the character flashbacks. At the end of series 3, we saw Jack and Kate at an airport, with Jack telling KAte, that they must go back.
To serious fans of the show, this means nothing, but im sure by the end of series 4, we might have a few more answers, or then again if the writers want to be evil......not.

Starring Matthew Fox and Evangeline Lily, Lost is available on Sky One Multi Start, so if you cant watch it @ 9pm, you can watch it every 15 minutes on Sunday Evenings.

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