Celebrity Masterchef BBC - Catch Up & You Tube Videos

Have you missed an episode of your favourite food show Celebrity Masterchef?
Well not to worry, you can catch up with all the action with the BBC Iplayer, you can watch a missed episode for up to seven days, and even catch up on all your other favourite shows including,
Ready Steady Cook, The Weakest Link and more.

Masterchef, was originally a hit for Lloyd Grossman a few years ago, but now the whole show has now been revamped and has more action than ever before. Their is also an edition of Celebrity Masterchef and Masterchef Goes Large.

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Masterchef Goes Large

My Father Could Only Boil Cornflakes: Peter Bayless BBC Masterchef 2006

This series celebrity contestants include perfectionist, Andi Peters, ex Allo Allo star Vicki Michelle and Ex Eastenders star Chris Parker. To catch up on all the action check out the official BBC Masterchef website.