Panorama - Catch Up

If you have missed an episode of the hard hitting documentary series Panorama, dont worry, you can watch a weeks episode right now with BBC Iplayer.
Panorama has been one of the most talked about shows of recent times, with so many interviews, under cover scandals and hard hitting true stories of crime, drugs, teenage pregnancy, the show continues to bring real life in to our homes.
Hosted now by Jeremy Vine, who also does the lunch time slot on BBC Radio 2, Panorama is the world's longest running investigative tv show.

Coming up soon on the show,
  • Bursting the house price bubble
  • Torture by British soldiers in Iraq
Also visit the official BBC site to give your point of view, meet the team and catch ups of all the latest action from the show.

Below is a now famous clip of John Sweeney, losing it on Panorama