Moving Wallpaper Echo Beach Catch Up

If you've been missing the brand new ITV1 show or shows, you can now watch the first 4 episodes right now at Moving Wallpaper is the comedy of the 2 shows, starring Ben Miller in a role he plays so well.
Echo Beach is the post watershed soap that seems to be the leader, starring Jason Donovan and Martine McCutcheon, Echo seems like it should be going its own way and leaving Moving behind. The shows have been a good ratings hit for ITV, and in an interview Martine told the press that ITV are happy with the viewing figures, so maybe another series could be in the pipeline.

Both shows are quite unique to ITV, meaning i have never seen a show format like this in a prime time slot. Moving is the show that shows you how Echo is made, fictionally that is.
We might expect to see a real documentary of of Echo is made, but not a fictional one.

Echo is the first post watershed soap i have seen on prime time TV. In the past, Eastenders and Coronation Street have dominated the ratings, but now it could be time for Echo to take some limelight, depending if viewers like the show or not.

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Moving Wallpaper / Echo Beach: Complete Series 1 Box Set [2007]

Moving and Echo are on ITV1 Fridays from 9pm.

Heres an interview from GMTV with Jason and Martine-