Rugby Union Six Nations Catch Up

If you missed the first day matches of the Six Nations, you can watch the matches for upto 7 days on the BBC Iplayer.
The first day matches sees action from Ireland v Italy, England v Wales.
England hope to make a great return, since their loss last year in the Rugby World Cup Final.
Ireland play Italy in the opening game of the tournament, their biggets win against Italy in the Six Nations came in 2000, when they won 60-13.

The Six Nations is the first main sporting event to be shown on the BBC Iplayer since its launch in 2007. The Tournament runs from Feb 2nd - Mar 15th with the last game held at the Millenium Stadium in Cardiff, Wales.

Full match analysis and reports can be found at the official RBS website

Catch all the action on BBC One -1pm and 4pm, and also on the BBC Iplayer

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