Natures Great Events Catch Up

Catch Up with Natures Great Events.
Natures Great Events is an amazing Nature show from the BBC.
Presented by David Attenborough.

Depicting exactly what it says, some of Natures most amazing sights. With episodes covering events such as, "The Great Melt" which showed how the Polar Bear was adapting to it's home melting in our troubled times of Global Warming. Their was also "The Great Salmon Run" which showed Grizzly Bears waking from their winters sleep and going hunting for fresh fish.

With amazing videography and wild footage of animals living how they should, Natures Great Events is another knock out show from the BBC.

Watch this Catch Up video of Natures Great Events-

If you did miss any of the shows you can get the full show on DVD & Blu Ray, plus books which accompany the programme.

Nature's Great Events [Blu-ray]
Nature's Great Events [DVD]
Nature's Great Events: The Most Spectacular Natural Events on the Planet