Real Swiss Family Robinson Catch Up

The "Real Swiss Family Robinson" is a brand new reality show from the BBC.

Showing on Friday nights and then straight after on the BBC Iplayer, The Real Swiss Family Robinson is looking to be a hit show. A new style Castaway, which the BBC has done twice before and in not so spectacular style, this new show might be here to stay.

The show follows families that are marooned on a desert island in the Pacific Ocean, with very little creature comforts to help them on their stay there. This show is the style of the hit Channel 4 show, "Shipwrecked" but this show has full families.

How will they get on? Here's the Official BBC synopsis of the first show on Friday 27th March 2009.

Andy Dye and his wife Vicki have lived the good life for the last decade, enjoying all the luxuries they could afford, courtesy of Vicki's job running her own recruitment company and Andy's building firm, which also employed 21-year-old daughter Charlotte and her boyfriend Tom. Along with 13-year-old daughter Courtney, they all live in Essex.

As the recession hit, Andy's building business collapsed, leaving three of them out of work, and Andy questioning whether or not all the hard work was all worth it, and whether the three-car, three-holiday lifestyle was what he wanted anymore. So he persuaded the family to leave their creature comforts behind and join him on a life changing adventure - three weeks on a deserted island. Here they face the ultimate family test and re-evaluate their lives.

The family are catapulted 10,000 miles to the island of Anariki in Kiribati in the North Pacific, and find themselves in a beautiful paradise. But during the first three days when they are left to cope alone, the family struggle to find any island food to supplement their tinned supplies. As their last banana rots in the sun, there are tears as Vicki wonders if they should have ever agreed to come, and Andy feels guilty for bringing the family here.

Things start to look up after local guide Patriki teaches them how to forage and fish, as well as build a more comfortable shelter, but a trip to a nearby island to meet the local villagers results in a great family row. They are given the gift of a pig, but it triggers a heated debate about whether or not it should make the pot, and leaves Andy frustrated that none of them will fully embrace the experience in the way he hoped or imagined.

Watch the show Friday 27th March on BBC One.

If your outside of the UK and cannot use the IPlayer, check back here for full episodes. everyday.

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